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Tue, Feb 19 2013
Daily Blog: It's been a LOOONG time

Oh. My. Floogle. It has been AN ENTIRE YEAR since I posted ANYTHING. well, enough of that, lets keep going!

Daily News: Today we have news about where we are going for summer camp: Stone Mountain! This news is still fresh from the oven and too hot to touch (Metephoricly speaking) so we don't know this officialy yet, so keep watching for updates!

Daily Fact: Areogel is a gel that is 98% smoke. It has a blast resistence of 2 pounds of Dynamite

Jarreds Philosphy: If guns don't kill people, people kill people, does that mean toasters don't toast toast, toast toast toast?

Daily Joke: So Wilbur walked into a bar, and his head hurts now

Well thats it for today! tune in next week for another blog post! Cio!

Wed, Jul 25 2012
Portal 2 fan art!

Hey guys! its me again, sorry i havent been posting, i've been really busy! news time!


Tommorow is the night we sleep over at the church for the yorktown trip! oh and the sleeping places have changed from the CEC building to the Youth basement. In completley different news, I have started making Portal 2 fan art! i'm pretty good, so if you want a specific art peice, tell me and next week i'll bring it to you free! Tell me if the art is good or not, I NEED feedback and/or comments this time! so lets do it!!

Thu, Jul 19 2012

Hey guys! I almost forgot about te blog today and i freaked when I remembered! Anyway, lets get to it


No news to report about scouts! better luck next time


Daily Blog: Epic Blog of Epic-ocity

Welcome to My Blog! it is very Epic because its all about Troop 19 (And other things like facts and jokes)

Lets get to it shall we?

Many people are looking forward to next weeks Friday because thats when we set off to the Yorkown! it will be a 6-Hour bus trip to the Yorktown from the church (not including traffic, stoplights, and gas.) Anymore information needed about the trip can be asked through comments and answered through comments aswell.

Daily Joke:

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Police who?

Police let me in! *rimshot*

Wed, Jul 18 2012
Yorktown News and Facts *Bonus Post*

Hey, Scouts! and welcome to this information station (heh heh, that rhymed) about our upcoming overnight destination, the USS Yorktown! this ship is fully restored and a completley awesome experience! Here are some facts

-It is one of the few U.S. ships to stay fully intact from WWII 

-It is parked next to the only preserved GUPPY III in America, The Clagmore

-The Yorktown is number 10 in the line of U.S. aircraft carriers.

Also, the Clagmore is gonna be sent for scrap metal, to help keep it up and running and to keep it open for tours, you can donate at the website:

Copy and paste that link to read about the Clagmore and help donate.

also, for more information about the USS Yorktown and other historical attractions at Patriots Point, head over to this link:

Thats all till tommorow, until next time, say no to drugs, say yes to RANDOM FACTS!

My First Post!

Welcome! this is my first Blog post of the entire year! i will be uploading these daily (except camping trips) so be on the lookout for my posts. So, yeah! lets have an epic time! I absolutley cant wait for the Yorktown trip coming up very soon! its gonna be freaking awesome! until next time say no to drugs, say yes to SCOUT TRIPS!

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