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Yorktown News and Facts *Bonus Post*
The Great Yorktown sailing on the water!
The Great Yorktown sailing on the water!
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This is a picture of the USS Clagmore today

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Yorktown News and Facts *Bonus Post*

Posted on Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Hey, Scouts! and welcome to this information station (heh heh, that rhymed) about our upcoming overnight destination, the USS Yorktown! this ship is fully restored and a completley awesome experience! Here are some facts

-It is one of the few U.S. ships to stay fully intact from WWII 

-It is parked next to the only preserved GUPPY III in America, The Clagmore

-The Yorktown is number 10 in the line of U.S. aircraft carriers.

Also, the Clagmore is gonna be sent for scrap metal, to help keep it up and running and to keep it open for tours, you can donate at the website:

Copy and paste that link to read about the Clagmore and help donate.

also, for more information about the USS Yorktown and other historical attractions at Patriots Point, head over to this link:

Thats all till tommorow, until next time, say no to drugs, say yes to RANDOM FACTS!


Information: Patriots Point 

Picture: Wikipedia page:

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